ALUSYSTEMS Flat Lock Series is a flat-lock tile system that offers a wide variety of applications for walls and roofs. These shingle-style metal panels present a versatile solution for curves and other complex shapes by using tiles of various mix-and-match sizes and shapes. Fabricated panels have hemmed edges on four sides producing single-lock flat seams in rectangular, diamond, square or rhomboid shape.

The simple joints are formed by interlocking hemmed edges attached with concealed clips and fasteners, providing a clean, grid-like look. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and requires little maintenance.

ALUSYSTEMS Flat Lock Series offers a large range of capabilities thanks to its flexibility and simplicity which allow for freedom of expression in design while being a long-lasting system

ALUSYSTEMS offers a wide variety of color and finish options for both exterior and interior applications from Reynobond®Alpolic®, and Alucobond®.