Created for wide spectrum of design and performance requirements.—


When developing ALUSYSTEMS' innovative composite panel systems, we relied upon our vast experience in aluminum and metal composite panel installation, with the goal of providing superior aesthetics, high performance, and efficient installation. Using state-of-the-art technology, our fabrication process custom-tailors each panel according to field specifications and real conditions.

ALUSYSTEMS offers several wall panel systems to meet a wide spectrum of design and performance requirements.

  • Flat Lock SeriesFlat lock tile system with a wide variety of applications for walls and roofs
  • Series 40Rainscreen drained and back ventilated wall panel system for superior performance and aesthetics
  • Series 30 Wet seal panel system for better structural integrity
  • Series 20 Dry seal panel system for better water/vapor protection
  • Series 10 Wet seal cost-effective panel system